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Finance has changed in this new decade. Where just some years ago, gaining access to financial services was limited to a select few, today everyone can benefit from financial services. Keep safe finance is a modern way which will ensures financial inclusion, through providing a line of credit to individuals from all walks of life including; microloan services, cryptocurrency, savings and much more.

The line of credit will be most favored by keep safe finance offerings. This will extend a set amount of money as credit to its customers. With this line of credit, it becomes possible to take out a micro-loan, and pay it back over time with minimal interest.

Customers can begin with a loan worth less than $20 and borrow in excess of $5,000 over time. This is an excellent service, enabling financial inclusion for anyone over time. All that is required is to meet the minimum and simple qualification criteria, and you will gain access to an increasing amount of funds over time.

Loan Collateral will be Keep Safe Finance Token (KEF) as you must have KEF token locked to be given loan facility